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Classes Begin Every Monday

This program will prepare students for an entry-level position as EKG Technician in the healthcare setting. The competencies of this program follow the duties and responsibilities of an EKG Technician as outlined in the program. Topics of study include The Role of the EKG Technician, Basic Patient Care Skills, Anatomy and Physiology, Common Cardiovascular Disease and Disorders, Introduction of EKG Technology and Applications, Basic EKG Technology, EKG Adaptations and Troubleshooting, The Cardiac Conduction System and EKG Tracings, Overview of Rhythm Interpretation, and Emergency Situation. The students will also demonstrate their skills in the skills lab clinical setting. The students will be encouraged to attain their national certification through NHA. The exam fee will be included in the cost of tuition. Upon completion of all program requirements, the students will receive a certificate of completion. However, to remain current, it is mandatory that the graduate obtain 10hrs of continuing education every 2 years. 

The EKG Program is outlined to be completed in 6 weeks. Our program has been designed to offer flexibility for our students, such as hybrid classes. This program includes theory and hands-on training. The total program hours are 24 which consist of 16 hours of online lecture and 8 of mandatory hands-on in-person skills lab training.

The course includes the clinical portion taught in a skills lab and other hands-on training. All theories will be available online. 
All work will be posted online at the beginning of each course. Once the work is posted the student can begin to do the assignment on their own. Students will not have to attend online at a certain time.

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Entrance Requirements:

  • Must be 17 years old or older

  • High school diploma or GED (official transcripts accepted)

  • Valid government I.D. or Driver License

  • Internet access from a Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

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