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Medical Terminology is a foundational learning course that is essential to student success in all allied health programs. This course is designed for the health science student and includes the principles of building a medical vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on the use of word parts including prefixes, suffixes, and root words used with a combining form to establish medical terms. The course provides an overview of body systems, their anatomy and physiology, diseases, conditions, current medical and diagnostic procedures, treatments, and pharmaceutical agents, used in conjunction with terminology. Authentic medical records with activities to enhance the application of medical terminology to the "real world of medicine" are included. Correct spelling, definition, and pronunciation of medical terms is stressed. Communication both written and verbal between health care professionals, and between the health professional and patient, is emphasized. The course is designed to provide content to meet the needs of the Medical Terminology course for a variety of allied health programs. Content presented in the product is mapped to all NHA test plans for allied health credentials, including the CBCS, CCMA, CEHRS, CET, CMAA, CPCT, CPhT, and CPT exams.

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